How to Prepare for Encore Consigning

Pre-sort your items prior to bringing them in to ensure there are no items that won't meet our customers standards (stained, ripped, out of date, wrong season).  Select your in-season better brands for consigning.  Freshly launder and press those you wish to consign.  Items must be brought in on hangers or be wrinkle free upon arrival.  Your hangers are returned to you.  Items such as jeans or soft knits may be folded in tubs.  It is your responsibility to present items in sellable condition.  You will receive 45 % of the selling price for your items.

Your items will be consigned for 3 months.  *We do not accept discount brands such as Walmart,

ShopKo, K Mart etc.

Remember - the better your items look, the better they sell!  Buyers want clothing that looks new.

Spring and Summer items February to June

Fall and Winter items August to December

Please call for an appointment,